The First Ever SaaS Platform for
Performance Marketing
& Leads Distribution

Build, Track & Manage All Your Actions
in One Easy-to-Use Platform.
Collect & Distribute leads in Real-Time.

$229 $189/ Month ONLY !


The First Ever SaaS Platform for
Performance Marketing
& Leads Distribution

Build, Track & Manage All Your Actions in One Easy-to-Use Platform.
Collect & Distribute leads in Real-Time.

$229 $189/ Month ONLY !



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Let’s take a look at some of leading Features

Tracking Solution - UNLIMITED EVENTS

Self-served and full-cycle tracking system to manage all your traffic sources on one platform that brings accuracy and independency to a new level.

Google ads, Social links, Affiliate links, Tracking links, Installs, purchases, Leads, CPA, CPL, PPC, CPI, and everything in between - every event, every click and every client can be tracked by one platform.

Proactive Lead Distribution

Take control of your traffic and maximize your potential with our unique proactive leads splitting and distribution system. Collect, Validate and Re-distribute your leads effectively to gain a lasting revenue stream.

Most marketers blindly send leads to their clients with very little to none control over what happens to them. In some cases you may even end up losing money only because you don’t actually know how many and what leads you provided your client.

With all leads are collected by your account and only then are distributed amongst your client, while you know exactly what your clients receive at any given moment.

Smart Automated Leads Distribution based on Optimization

Re-distribute your leads effectively and maximize your leads revenue potential with our automated leads distribution and optimization system.

Our proprietary leads splitting technology dispatches your traffic to your clients automatically according to pre set filters, taking into consideration various factors and making sure your clients are always satisfied.

For example, if you’re running conversion based campaigns, with the conversion being the sale of a product (or CPA), our technology will distribute the traffic focusing on the clients with the most efficient conversion results, maximizing your earnings potential.

Partners Program, Offer Wall & Network Builder

Build and manage your own Partners Program, Offer Wall or Affiliate Network within less than a day. Fully Branded, with your own log. Sign up and login link for partners and affiliates.

Connect to your clients and providers with or without an API.

With it is super easy to get started and scale your own partners program, affiliate network or offer wall. No technical skills required and no heavy duty integrations. Experience a fast learning curve, thanks to our friendly UI, explanatory walkthroughs and active Live Chat. Lead generation, List management and traffic tracking compatible.

Full SaaS

Do everything by yourself within minutes. Every features is accessible for marketers of all levels.

Even the most complex features and technology are re-designed and re-built into an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. Our vision is to eliminate the element of heavy duty technical support by providing you a platform you a hands-on platform you can actually use.

Gain freedom to build your business at your convenience, your pace and your schedule.

No Heavy Duty Technical Skills required

Most systems are so complex you need a masters degree in computer science just to use it. This is not the case with

5 Clicks are all it takes to master any feature on your account. It is very simple to use but at the same time super powerful, with features like no other tracking solutions.

You can create campaigns, traffic sources, trackable links, integrate with clients, all in few easy steps. Along with our live chat, youtube video tutorials and system walkthroughs, you have all the tools you need to control every single feature in no time.

One Platform to Rule Them All

Save time and money with as your all-in-one tracking, lead aggregation and traffic distribution system.

Most marketers waste time logging into multiple platforms and networks to track their results with none to little control over their leads and traffic performance.

But with now your leads are actually yours. All are collected in one-easy-to-use dashboard. Now you can get to decide who receives your leads and traffic, when and how.

Ad Server

Drag and drop it’s as simple as that! Upload banners with ease, Add Landing pages, Create tags and manage your creatives.

Our simplified system API enables you to connect any landing page within minutes, upload banners and create your own Affiliate offer wall.

API is not for you? No worries! Use our lead form widget tool to imbed on any landing page and collect leads with ease. Track leads, pixels and clicks of every creative.

List Management

If you use lists to send leads to your clients, we have the solution for you. Upload xls, xlsx and csv files with ease and re-distribute your traffic, while tracking performance in real-time.

Upload your files As-Is, while our technology takes care of the rest. No need to re-arrange columns, fields or data prior to upload.

You can manage your lists as if they were live traffic or send everything at once to any client. Our Smart Automated Leads Distribution System and Pro-Active Distribution, are both compatible with list management solution.

Rest API API is based on simplicity, designed to ensure seamless integration without any heavy duty development or risk. Build & manage your own network within less than a day!

Go Mobile! is mobile friendly! Access any feature from any mobile device anytime.

The platform is fully mobile-responsive, allowing you to do everything you would have done from your laptop or desktop, with your mobile device. Track and Manager your entire operation from your mobile, it's as simple as that.

SLACK integration is now available! Receive mobile notifications with every single action.

Limitless Scalability

Grow your business your way without ever worrying about load and capacity. No matter the size of your business, we have the solution for you. is the first and only to offer Performance Marketing, Campaign Tracking and Leads Distribution Solution for a fix monthly price.

Unlimited Clicks, Unlimited impressions, Unlimited Leads, Unlimited scale - our unique scaling technology is the key to our limitless solution!

Super Simple UI

3 Clicks are all it takes to reach each and every function. Our intuitive and user-friendly UI combined with a soothing design, provide the optimal user experience.

We aim to make as simple to use as possible. We understand there is a lot to cover when you receive one platform with multiple solutions. This is why we have maid it our priority to provide you a full set of tools with a simplified UI.

Safe and Secure is heavily secured with top-notch encryption technology and secure login restriction to make sure your data is protected at all times.

Data is the most important asset any marketer owns and we care. We have implemented numerous security protocols to safe-guard your data from malicious attacks.

Live Chat Support

You don't really need us with our SaaS solution but we are still here for your every need.

Our team is available on the live chat of your application to offer you support and help you with every step. You can also take advantage of our Knowledge Center, YouTube Channel with useful video tutorials and interactive walkthroughs strategically located across the platform.

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Find out what the big networks don’t want you to know

Feature Other Platforms
Traffic Tracking from any source
(Facebook, Google, Website or Affiliate)
Fully Self served SaaS solution
Mobile Friendly
Light and friendly UI
Automated Leads Distributor
Proactive Lead Distributor
Number of Clicks
Number of Leads
Number of Events
Conversion Tracking (any Action Or Sale)
Self client integration
Ad Server
White Label
Real-Time Lead Status
Affiliate Dashboard
Slack Integration
Import Leads & Data from csv, xls
Export Stats & Reports to csv, xls
Help Center & Articles
Tutorials & Training Video Library
Retargeting Pixels Tracking
Pixel Debugging
Dynamic Affiliate Links
Client Pixel Tracking
Advanced Postback URL Tracking
Real time stats & reports
Real time status mapping
New Features Based On User Feedback
Start your 14-Day Free Trial and see why marketers worldwide are choosing

Affiliate marketing is one of the largest sources of online income, accounting for over 15% of all digital media revenue.


What do customers like about

No technical knowledge or training required.

New to online marketing/affiliate marketing or lead generation? There is absolutely no need for any technical or previous knowledge. Every step of the platform is super easy to use.

Affiliates love simplified 2way API.

"The most simple API we’ve ever seen or used. It is so intuitive, integration is up and running within minutes."

UNLIMITED-all-inclusive plan, unlimited clicks, leads or impressions.

Don’t have to worry about how many clicks, leads or events you generate. Grow your business with peace of mind knowing we got you covered.

Efficient and automated leads distributor.

Such a time saver. But not only does it save time, it automatically optimizes lead distribution to maximize conversion and sales.

For both live traffic and list uploaded traffic.

The only system to provide smart lead distribution for lists and lists management. The traffic from the lists is filtered according to client preferences and can be scheduled to imitate live traffic not to bombard your sales representatives.

White label.

You can add you own logo, favicon and slogan to brand your platform and build your own branded partners program or affiliate network.

Mobile responsive.

The app is fully mobile responsive, giving you absolute freedom of your day to day operational tasks.

Start your 14-Day Free Trial and see why marketers worldwide are choosing


Absolutely! The SaaS solution is offered for a fix price and does not change, no matter how much traffic you have. Clicks, impressions, leads and events of all kind are unlimited at all times. So all there is left for you, is focus on growing your business. 

And much more! is more than just a tracking solution. It allows you to track the full life-cycle of every lead. You can, in fact, collect all your leads in a one simple-to-use dashboard. Track all lead information, including where it was generated from. Once you have all your leads in place, you can integrate with your clients and distribute them according smart sets of rules AND receive leads status from your clients in real-time.  

With you can track every ad, every link and every event without any limitation. You can generate tracking links, and add client as well as S2S pixels. The possibilities are limitless. 

Exactly so! You can track clicks, sales, leads status from new to sale. You can track where the sale was generated from – pinpoint to traffic source, creative and much more, as well as optimize in real-time. 

Yes you can! When you integrate with your client CRMs or Networks, does not only send the leads to your clients but it pulls back their statuses of every single lead in real-time. Now not only do you collect all your leads and have full control over their dispatch but you can track their status, gain transparency and oprimize when the action is happening.     

The free trial is very simple and straightforward. Click on the big orange button below to create your free account. The trial account is completely free and as such you will not be required to select a payment method or submit any payment details. Once registered to the free trial, our team creates your account and you will receive an email with your unique account and login details within maximum 48 hours from registration (during working days. The account although free is fully functional and you can start using all the profit-boosting features right away. 

There are no sign up fees or cancelation fees, contracts or minimum terms. If you decide is not for you, you can simply stop using it and the account will be deleted within 6 months time. 

If you decide to keep using, you can upgrade to a paid subscription at any time directly from your account.

We’re totally fine with that! Once your free trial expires, you will be able to access your account but it will be locked and you will no longer be able to manage. You can always re-activate your account by subscribing to a paid subscription from within your account. is the only SaaS solutions to provide self served and limitless services such as: Tracking and Leads Distribution and Network Builder. We are the only platform to cover every need an online marketer may have at any stage of the business. For example, you may run PPC campaigns today and pay a fix monthly fee no matter how many events or clicks you generate. You may decide tomorrow to activate CPA or CPL campaigns to generate leads and sales – With you don’t need to upgrade, downgrade or acquire technical teams – you can start your CPA and CPL campaigns with the same monthly subscription you have when you ran PPC, no matter how many leads or conversions you generate.   

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