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We aim to build simple automated marketing tools, even the smallest of marketers can use to thrive.


Affiliate Marketing accounts for 15% of all digital media revenue

Together with email marketing, affiliate marketing is one of the largest sources of online income,
accounting for over 16% of all e-commerce orders in the US and Canada alone.  – Business Insider

Most of the marketers are small to medium and face 3 problems:


Most marketers work alone and do it as a side business. They sign up to different Affiliate Networks, get links and promote them. In order to track and optimize their activity., they need to sign up to every one of these networks separately, export reports and compare results.

Inefficient &
Time Consuming


As all tracking is only done by the Advertiser platform, marketers have no way of knowing if they are actually being paid for what they provide and have no way of disputing it. Even if they want to optimize based on real-time performance, this is not always available.

No Real-Time
Transparency & Control


Marketers top objective, aside from traffic generation, is to always save money. Marketing technology available today is either very expensive, does not include all the features, or developed for the needs of big companies. This forces marketers to use several tools simultaneously or develop their own.

& Complicated

Saving Time, Saving Money, Gaining Transparency & Control and Creating your own network,
seems like an unreachable concept, as it is simply not available for the common marketer.


More efficient

more traffic

Translates into more sales and higher revenue for both marketers and advertisers

More efficient

more traffic

Translates into more sales
and higher revenue
for both marketers
and advertisers

Our Vision is to take complex technology and re-build it into the most simple-to-use system.
Even the most complicated feature can be simplified into an intuitive module to be used in under 5 clicks.

Eliminating the complexity factor, the need for tech teams and constant support,
results in a fully self-served, efficient and affordable technology

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Ben Shoham

Holds a B.Sc. in Electrical and Electronic
Engineering, with PHP programming
background. Has more than 14 years of online
marketing and affiliation experience. | +972-54-6816446

Lior Haleva

Holds a B.A. in Business Administration &
Data Systems, and .Net Framework & Linux
administrative background. Has over 16 years
of online marketing & affiliation experience. | +972-50-4444473

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